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Our brand communication, identity and positioning is based on market research (primary and secondary). We have extensive access to different data sources where we develop deep understanding about TG (customer audiences), consumer behaviour, market, competition, pricing, etc. We take a design thinking approach by keeping end customer in mind. We study and build customer personas, map their journey to consume different products and services alongwith. Our approach is comprehensive and ensures attention to details across product, price, place & promotion. Our strategy & implentation plan ensures a 360-degree coverage across physical & digital advertising (ATL & BTL), PR & Communications, contact & experience centers, physical sales teams amongst others. We focus on building optimal customer as well as internal employee experience which is critical for successful roll-out of any strategy.

Ensuring suitable customer experience is provided to the end customer is central to successful revenue generation for any product or service. Our B2G approach helps you achieve a bulk outreach and penetrate different TGs. We deploy a multi-dimensional and multi-level approach to reach out to the desired customer segments. We orchestrate journeys across physical and digital touch points and provide a seamless omni-channel customer experience. We are integrated with third party partners like banks, citizen service centers which we use to connect to citizens / customers and provide them required information and also assist them in participation of welfare programs. The focus is on taking governance closer to the customer by leveraging existing infrastructure touch points. We further also ensure seamless and frictionless service to end customers related to their enquiries and grievances and also provide them timely response.

We have experience of integrating enterpise grade CRM applications to build seamless and frictionless customer experience. We focus on managing end-to-end customer life cycle from customer awareness to post sales. We also have expertise of running an inbound and outbound contact facility for improved conversation and customer experience.

We create financial solutions for banks keeping in mind the requisite product or service alongwith TG (audience). We facilitate them for linking them to banks for their different financial needs e.g. home loans, business loans, working capital loans, debt syndication, etc. We also assist the stakeholders in required compliances and documentation as part of required loan facilitation.

We provide wide array of IT services across custom application development, analytics solutions deployment, cloud deployment & migration, on-prem data center supply and commissioning, big data analytics & reporting, planning & commissioning of serverless data warehouse solutions e.g. Google bigquery, Azure Synapse, Amazon, Snowlfakes, Databricks, BI and data visualisation, AIML based chatbots, fraud detection and anomaly correction, CRM deployment (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Ameyo, Freshworks, etc.). We also deploy different cutting edge AIML based analytics solutions of OEMs like SAS in domains like demand load forecasting (utilities), tax fraud identification and analytics (direct & indirect taxes), analytics for different social benefit delivery programs e.g. PDS, etc.